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Need some help with Blade Cancer


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So I never would have thought out of the 3 classes I thought I'd play (Assassin, KFM and BD), I'd end up with BD as my first lvl 45...


In any case, I'm having some trouble, for the most part am enjoying the PVP experience, I hit gold and have been up and down the ladder and have had a blast. I know there's a lot of hate towards blade dancers, but, I am reallllyyy struggling with 2 classes in particular, Destroyers and Summoners, I actually have not beaten a single one of em so far. I have tried everything, is there some skill path that will help me or something?


I seem to get rekt by the spin of the destroyer which I don't think I have anything to cancel or if it's even interruptable it seems to just go on and on and I can't outrun it and for summoners I can't kill the cat fast enough before they kill me and I can't just go for the summ cause the cat destroys me.


Can some experienced player give me tips or skills needed for these 2 match ups, FM, Assassin, KFM and BM I actually have had great matches against and I love playing all of em weather I win or lose, but, vs Destroyer and Summ, I feel like I can't win, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, so tips appreciated. thanks. 


Thanks in advance 

~Sincerely, someone seeking to master the way of the Blade Cancer.

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I cannot help you with the Destroyer, I have real bad issues with those, as well.


I am however.... a Summoner!!


I can tell you right now, that the quickest and best way to beat me, is to CC.  If you can't down my cat, CC the crap out of it and focus on me (Rumble Bees and Sunflower hurt)  If I can get a Pounce on you, I will spam the shit out of Rumblebees, and you don't want that.  Don't bother using your Grip, cause I can get out of that, and because you are on the ground, I can have my pet knock you down, which means he can pounce! ;)


So, my suggestion, is to CC my cat, and stay out of my spell range until you KNOW you can set up and execute some of those bullshit aerial combos you have :P  Not much I can do about those, when we are airborne, and, because you are in the air, too, my cat can't touch you, so he can't cancel anything you are doing to me by knocking you down.


From there on, rinse and repeat, really.


To counter my heals... hrm... I haven't really seen anyone try to stop me, but, if you see me waving my staff back and fourth, stop me.  Do whatever you got to do, cause I am healing my cat, and I can directly take his HP to feed my own.  Not sure what you can do about Doom n' Bloom (The big whitish/green circle)  It'll follow you if you run.  It's a decent heal, but I mostly use it for the focus recovery for more Rumble Bees =D


Anyways, I hope this helped :P


P.S.  In a game full of ranging children, thanks for not immediately crying out that Summoners are OP :P So tired of hearing that shit lol 

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Thanks, I think I can see the weaknesses I've won a round very rarely but I end up losing the match cause I can't figure out what I did right, I know there's gaps there I just can't capitalize like I should I guess. I have played enough fighting games and pvp games to know that complaining won't help me beat em =) I just hope someone can help me out with some tips vs these 2 cause I'm tired of losing vs them and not sure what I can do... I might, otherwise just need to make 1 of each and learn em myself so I can fight em.

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