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Game crashing (yes, i created a new topic, gameguard sucks, support is crap)


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So the game keeps crashing. Always after it loads (i mean the game, not launcher, not character select screen, the acrtual game).

I tried disabling all background apps and services - that includes Razer and antivirus software. It worked yesterday morning. I even reopened the apps during gameplay, and nothing happened, i was able to play for hours!!!


But now nothing helps - game will always crash with bnscrashreport sending sh*t.


WHY there's no error log that i can read and see what is causing the crash? WHY GameGuard is not supporting Razer Synapse? It's a frakin gaming app, tens of thousands of players use it... but no, let's not test our products with popular apps, why should we?


So i contacted support. Ok, they didnt ask me for any logs or other files (i guess BnS doesnt have them, that's all), but... after i told them that i crash even with no Razer Synapse (yep, that was their advice: uninstall Synapse. yes, the program i need to comfortably use my mouse and keyboard) they said that there were issues with logging in and... wait, what? I never had problems with logging in. So, if the support can't read what i'm typing (i know, my english could be better...) how are they supposed to help players with technical issues???


and yes, im raging. maybe i will try BnS few weeks from now, or later. maybe it will be fixed...

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