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Kung Fu Master - Info ?


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Hi guys,


Like in the title , i want some informations about the Kung Fu Master . I want to know principally on what he relays on : Crit , Damage , Defense , Piercing ..etc.

Also I am level 29 and I have "The devourers Oath" (level 20) blight soul shield  . Should i change it with "Golden Devas Oath" (level 29) soul shield ? The first one gives me a lot of piercing and crit and the second one gives me Defense.



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Hey there, PiXOT. I have experienced the KFM and by MY experience i'd say you go for the Golden Devas Oath, but yet you make make use of both sets by using one of them as an alternate set, try out both sets in different situations (PvP, PvE and dungeons) and observe which one serves you better for each. After all, deciding between such sets relies on your game-play! 

Hope i helped. ^^

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