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Question about the NCoin system


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I play BnS with my brother, and I want to buy a 30 day membership for both of us with my debit card. I saw I can gift him the membership so that probably wont be an issue.

What I did see a bit weird was that for using the "MAIL" system requires you to "charge your NCoin at least once".


So :


1. If I just gift him a membership, that means he still can't use the mail system cause he didn't charge any NCoin to his account.

2. Can I use the same debit card to buy NCoins on his account and just let him buy the 30 day membership with those coins or will there be some conflict since "two" accounts will have paid for something with the same debit card?


P.S. : I'm a bit paranoid about this, cause I have seen people get blocked because of having dynamic IP's (we also have Dynamic IP - well ... most of Europe has that), and also I don't want to use my money to buy NCoins only to have them blocked or something because the same Debit Card was used to purchase on two different accounts.


Thanks in advance.

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