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Error 1719??? help to install the game


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I am having the same issue with Blade & Soul's installer. Error: 1719.

Other NCSoft games work fine, and I've even attempted using the older ncsoft launcher to no avail.

Anyone know what is causing this?



Here's a step by step, then I'll explain it if you care what went wrong.

1. Hold your Window button and press "R" (this opens the run command. "cmd" may be in the box by default but just backspace it for now)

2. In the run window that opens on the bottom left type "services.msc" and hit Enter/Return

3. Now we can see all of Windows services. Scroll down until you find Windows Installer, then click on it (don't double click or right click, just select it)

4. On the left side of the window it will say under Windows Installer "Start the service"  <--Just like it looks here, click on the underlined word "Start" to start the Windows Installer service. (IF IT SAYS STOP OR RESTART INSTEAD, CLICK STOP, WAIT 5 MINUTES yes the whole 5 minutes AND CLICK START)

5. Download Blade & Soul!


So this is what happened:

Usually the Windows Installer, as well as other services, immediately begin to run on startup. If you have to many "startup" programs on your computer or simply exit out of things as they start up on your computer, some things can get skipped in your computers startup routine. Just like skipping brushing your teeth in the morning messes up your routine.

This means the Windows Installer service was simply skipped when your computer was starting everything up on the checklist because some other program, action, or execution took priority at the time that process was starting up.


Another thing that may cause this issue (what caused it for me):

Advanced Systemcare 8 and similar programs that will CLEAR BACKGROUND RAM will sometimes shut off windows services that haven't been recently used. So if you're like me and don't install new things every week or even day, and go ahead and use a PC Monitoring tool to clear excess or unnecessary RAM, it will mostly likely shut off the Windows Installer service until you A.] Manually turn it on using the above step by step; or B.] Restart your computer and not press anything until all of your normal startup processes have finished (after logging in). 



Hope this helps, and if you still have issues, let me know.

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i have this problem and despite trying quite a lot of different "fixes", nothing has worked as of yet. anyone else have any ideas? 




Is there any way to get this using an installer that ISN'T the MSI?

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