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WTF is blade dancer

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What on buddhas green earth is this calss. Press tab adn dodge everytthing and stun me then some bulldog heal they have!!1! Charcter is legit unbeatable No skill retard class for Carebears. Then they have sero cooldowns. Please NSoft nerf this class to the ground so all the Carebears can go and cry to their Mommies. TY and goodnight ~ 


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34 minutes ago, EgoVasilisk said:

I love your ''parlance'' m8, Only one word comes to mind

------------------------mad cuz bad-------------------------------------




Totally biased comment.


I can feel the cancer spin to win bladedancer from here...


go away

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Did... did you make that permanent forum name just so you could be salty at those Blade Dancers?


Mad cuz bad.


Yeah indeed, just look this particular nickname on another ''whining post''
hmm what kind of ''player''??  creates users just to complain? 

he wants all to be NERFED

--------mad cuz bad-------

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Blade dancers have access to higher level talents than other classes right now. When the level cap rises to 50, they'll be back to normal.


It's basically an acknowledged glitch. Blade Dancers are going to dominate until level 50 is released; you would dominate too if you had advanced talents unlocked. Don't worry about it, they won't have a crutch anymore when 50 hits.

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