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[Solution] Game Launcher / GameGuard


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Knowing GameGuard from a lot of games, the same solution usually works.

1) Check to see if your anti virus scanner is interfering with the launch.  AntiVirusGuard (AVG) and NortonAntiVirus (NAV) usually has the tendency to interfere.  Certain games, Avast! Home Free Edition and Panda Anti Virus would promt it.  Try to place Client.exe in the safe list.  (You could also try uninstalling the anti virus scanners temporary to see if it's the cause and reinstall after the game is up and running).

2) If you're running an older windows version, right click the short cut and go to Properties.  Under Compatibility, check the box labeled "run this program as an administrator" and under Compatibility Mode, "Run this program in Compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3)".  This would only set the launcher, so don't worry about it effecting the actual client.  It seems to have fixed a lot of issues for other GameGuard related games like Lineage 2 and Grand Chase.  I had the issue for this game as well, and this was my solution.

3) Try deleting the GameGuard directory.  After you launch the game, it should automatically redownload and install to the proper directory, as well as update it to the newest files.

Let me know if this helped or not so I can look around for other people's solution to the game's launcher situation.

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It's not for actual client related situations.  Just the launcher regarding GameGuard.  For those with problems related to it not launching properly, not running properly, or if it's corrupted/blocked.  Sometimes, redownloading and selfinstalling the newer content by deleting the files would fix certain situations.  And as far as I know, a lot of anti virus scanners tend to intervene with GameGuard at wrong times, locking the client from launching properly.

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