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Some issues with cinderland!


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Have already post this in general but here is a better place so


First, i do some daily quest in cinderland which reward me cinderland daily quest box

it said u can obtain lots of item from it, but i open more than 10 box and all it give me is 1 healing tunic for each box. bugs? Or unlucky? 


The serpent calling bell said it will drop by killing something within the cinderland i killed over 100 mobs none drop so i have to buy one in the market which is pretty expensive! 


How do i get cinderland transformation stone? I'm level 37 and have 3 jewelry to upgrade but have no stone to do so, dont tell me to buy it from market xD i'm broke


How hard is it to get golden deva cosmetic and dark sandstorm outfit? I rollthe wheels too much i can't count, i do the 6-man dungeon for the outfit so much i got bored but haven't see a drop! 


My dam luck!!!

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I know the feeling. I ran the Blackram Dungeon for 5 hours just trying to get the kung fu master weapon. Plus i usually only get Tonics and Field Hammers in the boxes from both viridien and cinderlands. As for the stones to upgrade i know you can get them from the creating and crafting guilds you can join. However its seems like its tedious to level them up and very expensive to do it. I mean you can buy from the AH but thats even more expensive. 

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