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Chapter 17: Test of the Eight. Please Help!


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Ok guys, so i've searched this forum for a while and haven't really found a solution to my question here.. So please don't kill me if you've read this before. I'm desperate. D:

Anyways, onwards we go..


Love the game, have been enjoying it immensley during this blizzard jonas in the northeast. 


I've gotten to chapter 17, and me and assassin are pals. 


However, he's factionless.


Somehow, I never completed the warring of the factions quest and never picked a faction. Hell, i didn't even know there was a faction.


But that's beside the point i suppose.


I'm currently in the process of complete the trails of the eight. I made it fine, somehow got through the traps without my buddy deactivating them (the second one with the lightning in particular) anyways, i died afterwards, rezzed. Figured all was fine. Finished the trials. And I get back to the little old man who tells me i have to choose a faction.


Which would be fine, except I can't..


Apparently there are supposed to be faction leaders present in the dungeon with us, however they are no where to be found...



I've gone back to the starting area to look for them.


I've relogged too.


I've also considered asking someone to invite me to a clan. But read you can't join a clan without a faction.


The last thing I've thought about is doing a faction change, but haven't

and that's only because I'm too broke to "change my faction"



I can't abandon the quest. And this is the only quest i can really do right now besides the dailies. As I've done all the others. 




- Blade & Soul fan.


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Yap just outside mayor office  in bamboo village me i got the quest just when main quest line in yellow for those who don't know was sending me to bamboo lookout just to the north of bamboo village.Didn't even needed to talk to any npc just appear on my quest journal just like those violet(class) quests.And yes during trial the same 2 guys appear hansu and sansu i believe r their name.

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Yeah, that's what I thought, they're not appearing during the trail for some reason. Not sure why. Have gone through it a few times. Have also traveled back to bamboo village with no avail. Submitted a ticket to a GM, still waiting on a response.. think it might be bugged


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I hadn't expanded my quest tab since the training... waiting for me there were the quests i needed to complete this. I just made a cute little blademaster though. She's adorable. I want to eat her. 


Thanks for the help everyone. 

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