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Website Cookie Malfunction


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tldr; Cookies are just broken. The result is not being able to login, or constantly being logged out.


Leaving this information here, as to things I've tried to resolve the issue, but none function as expected:


- The Firefox 'do not track' option apparently has no effect. However, it may still have issues with 3rd party cookies.

- Firefox 23 hasn't added Thawte SSL CA - G2, leading to exception popups. Cert, not cookie issue. No effect on this issue.

- Internet Explorer in locked down, or restricted configurations, which disallow cookies from 3rd party sites might not function either.

- Internet Explorer button to 'remember me' on login isn't displayed.

- Internet Explorer redirects to wildstar-online, upon logging into BnS forums? Strange.


I've seen this issue only on one other site, and it's been fixed: MyAnimeList.


For those who want to fix the SSL Cert issue, it can be obtained here (download and import Thawte SSL CA - G2): https://search.thawte.com/support/ssl-digital-certificates/index?page=content&id=SO26817&actp=RSS&viewlocale=en_US

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i also started a thread (much less detailed of course) about this and it just got ignored and unacknowledged.. i use chrome . and its beyond annoying when im reading a thread and go to respond only to see im not logged in but i was on the last screen.. then when attempting to sign in ive had it take up to 11 attempts :(

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Temporary Workaround (Update):


- Upon login, if your user name doesn't show up, refresh the page (F5).

- Do not click on 'Forums' in the page header, it will log you out. Instead, use the 'English' tab, which will return you to the main Forums page.

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