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Game Guard is cancer


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I have played and worked on many games with 'anti-cheat' mechanics but Game Guard is literally malware on a developers comp. I understand consumers may not have so many issues but I am shocked GG isn't flagged as malware. Here is a list of all the things it is WRONGLY interfering with:


1. Any driver / virtual device without a certificate, as in ones created locally, as in by the programmer themselves are affected. You have NO NEED to system devices or related processes especially when the device is simply a virtual drive that does NOTHING to the game. This device cant run when BnS is up, crashes when GG is loaded and ALL related processes / services are either killed or disabled, WTF? There isn't even a single global hook message to input!


2. Any global hooks are killed off. If you never wanted to implement a game that recognized XButton1 and XButton2 then you need to be prepared for global hooks. Hooks are NOT bad and can easily be scrutinised to see exactly what they are doing, they are there for a reason and not all bad. Pressing XButton1 to Simulate 1 and XButton2 to Simulate 2 IS NOT CHEATING! If you cant be bothered to implement server side validation / verification of actions then at least have the decency to implement a system that DOESNT get emotional when you want to use your raw side buttons of a mouse.


3. All Messages are observed, the internal message system that manages ALL messages is monitored and recorded by you? WTF! Spare me the "we are just reading for cheats" crap, you have NO NEED to every message the system does and if your argument is 'its to prevent cheating' why are you monitoring ALL messages and not just input, please do explain why WH_FOREGROUNDIDLE and WH_CBT are even monitored? Is globally resizing windows through hooks considered cheating NO! Is SQL Server considered a hack NO!. Oh and FYI the reason a lot of people crash after locking their comp while BnS is up is because GG thinks the change in the foreground is bad -.-


4. DirectX debug isn't globally allowed -.- I am a game dev myself, it is much easier having DX Debug on by default than it is for every sep application. If your devs had any brains they would MONITOR DX calls / modifications through your OWN app but why should my own applications suffer?


5. No room for any development while in queue. Even as a premium member I am in the queue and if I decide to do some programming while waiting, GG gets emo because clearly any other DX app is obviously trying to hack the vertices in the queue.


The worst part about all of this is that the person behind the comp IS GOD of that machine fully in control and no arrogant anti-cheating software will EVER change that. I have played / worked on many games in my life but this is the first one that intruded so much that it really is baffling why GG wasn't flagged as Malware. I don't expect you to change anything, as a game dev I am well aware of how forums are viewed internally but by venting it means the message has been passed.

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