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Fix for mouse breaking off of game in Fullscreen!


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I fixed this issue on accident, so I can't guarantee that it will fix the issue for everyone that is experiencing it, but I hope it does. Before fixing this glitch, my game seemed slightly blurry and anytime I moved my mouse left or up, the cursor would appear for an instant and the cursor would continue to move up or left depending on which direction I turned the most. This really bugged me because I like to rest my cursor in the center of my screen in case I need to click on something, so as you can imagine, it was annoying to have to find my mouse on the left side of the screen before clicking on something.


The way that I ended up fixing this glitch was by going through this process:


1. Go into settings and make the game Windowed.

2. Next, press Alt + Enter until the game becomes fullscreen. The game should say windowed, but will still be in fullscreen, but with borders on both sides.

3. Change you settings back to Fullscreen and, HOPEFULLY, once your game comes back into normal fullscreen, it should look a lot more sharp, and the mouse break glitch should no longer be happening.


4. If this fix worked, you will sometimes need to alt+tab back into the game after leaving a loading screen. It should continue to work perfectly after the alt+tab.

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