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Nprotect Game Guard


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Why is this cancer a part of this game? Im sure most ppl are aware of the damage it can cause to your PC. I can no longer launch the game due to Nprotect having an issue with razer synapse, a program which i use in every single PC game i ever play. It's alot of other programs Nprotect also has issues with. Can't you now see that this cancerous bug is causing way more damage than it prevents.


I know what kind of program it is and i let it onto my PC only this ONCE to play BS. But all the small bugs, the queue time and the fùcking invisible walls are adding up to a soon completely unenjoyable experience which will no doubt lead to a customer loss.


I post this under bug reports because thats what it is, a fùcking BUG which needs to be fixed, purged from the game!

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