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Ice and Soul


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Propheta here to shed light on a few issues regarding a rather underdog skill.
Ice Rain


1. Right off the bat, after casting Ice Rain, the casting speed increases every cast. This is very noticeable when your model starts using the skill at an insane speed. However, it seems the creators of BnS did not expect players to be able to cast it more than you had Chi. Using Chi regenerating skills, you will notice at 10 cast, the animation breaks and your character completely stops casting the spell regarding of input. Requiring you to re-cast the spell, effectively resetting the building stacks of cast speed. Sometimes, it simply will not re-cast, leaving you pressing the key, and nothing happening for seconds at a time.

Skills used to keep regen to test this,
Short Fuse

Cold Snap

Frost Flurry

Ice Whirlwind


2. For second, you might notice Ice Rain is a delayed casting spell. It is one of the only spells in the game to be cast, then target and hit at a later time. This makes it very tactical and useful for throwing off timing. However, it has a few issues since it is such a rare skill. That issue is evasion, no, not that chance evade, game breaking "Absolute" evasion.

2a. Invisibility

If the enemy uses Invisibility while Ice Rain is still in the air, the skill will still come down. A clever solution to stopping players from spamming invisibility, after all, throw one before you think they will stealth, only to have it come down from the heavens and break it. Well...this is where the bug section comes in, because Ice Rain Does Not Hit players who invisible. Instead, when the skill comes down from the sky, the game will show you that it is Evaded.

Obviously it could be a mistake, after all evasion is random, until you use the method above to cast 10-20 ice rains at the target, only for invisibility to negate the damage of all them. You will see the screen Flood with "Evaded" as every missile lands on the invisible target.


2b. Long Animations

You've all seen them, overly dramatic animations every class has, leaving you helpless as they juggle you in the air. What you haven't seen, is when Ice Rain is casted right before the actual animation. The heavenly guided spear comes from the sky, hitting the target and dealing damage even as they combo you...Oh wait...it doesn't.

Instead, you are met with the same message from above "Evaded" as they flood from the sky, all of the being "Evaded". Not just knock ups, elaborate animations "Evade" targeted spells during their duration.


It is obviously the original creators didn't really think targeted spells would ever actually be used while the player couldn't actually use them, Aka while the other player is invisible or during very long animation lock skills. It only makes sense right? Why could a play cast targeted spells when they can't even cast. However, Ice Rain breaks this, by being a delayed targeted spell. I am sure their are more things that break under the effects of Ice Rain. These are the only ones I have found at the moment. Thank you for reading!

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