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nProtect GameGuard has stopped working


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I keep getting this fatal error when trying to play the game. About 10-20 minutes into playing, I'll get this popup saying that nProtect Game Monitor Rev 2368 has stopped working; if i close the program, Blade and Soul exits, the game will also freeze if I leave this window up for a minute or so. Is anyone else having this problem? I tried updating my drivers and running as administrator, but it wasn't any help.


There was a similar post that told players to look at the Fault Module in the problem details, this is what mine says:

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

Application Name: GameMon.des

Fault Module Name: netprofm.dll_unloaded


Does anyone have a fix for GameGuard? Can I delete GameGuard and run the game without it? Thanks for any help/consideration.

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Try deleting gameguard folder and replacing it with this.
If that didn't work then try this:


1. Click on the� Start menu and then go to the� Control Panel

2. Click on� System Maintenance and then� System

3. Choose� Advanced System Settings.

4. Under� System Properties, select Settings� from the Performance section at the top.

5. Click on the Data Execution Prevention tab.

6. Select “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select”.

7. Find the executable file for the application that triggered the error (it could be Client.exe or  GameMon.des I don't really know, so choose both..) -You will find it at [C:\ > Program Files (x86) > NCSoft > BnS > bin]

8. Select the application causing the error and click Open to add it to your DEP Exceptions list.

9. Click� OK to save your new settings.


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