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Lookinf for some help with my PC

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Using AMD and  exp low fps, my rig I wouldnt know where to class it, maybe mid or lower range pc. when I first started on head started i was getting 80+ to -30 fps now im struggling to stay in the 30s


GPU: Raedon R9 200 seires

Ram: 8 gig

CPU: AMD A10-6700 3.7 Mhz APU

OS: win10 x64

resolution: 1920x1080


Im actully using a 60" tv atm also so that might play a roll in my  problems im not sure tho, I havent owned a normal pc monitor in a long time because I stopped PC gaming for a while.


Also my bad exp is with high latency, I dont have problems with other games nearly as bad with these 2 issues.


Other games: Ark survival, Smite, and tones of others from steam.


I also did a clean OS install over night to see if it would help improve things, nothing on the PC besides standerd stuff and smite atm


If someone can help me aswell id be really happy

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There could be a few reasons why this could be happening. But my first question to you Urban is: Did you upgrade your PC to Windows 10 or did it come with it? Reason why is there are still alot of manufactures who have not updated their drivers to work well with windows 10. I would check your manufacture (for your computer or graphics or both) to see if there are any driver updates. 


Second, this could literally be all due to location, internet speed, and your ISP. OR even server lag. All the support I can give with the information you provided us.


If this helped you please reply to this topic. Also leave me a message on my profile if you like my support.

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Yes I upgraded to windows 10, all i have done was update the gpu driver. Im not very tech savvy so I been trying to wing this sense head start to the best of my knowledge. Your help is greatly appreciated 


If you have more advice id be greatful


Im unsure how to find things that might need updated that also might be contributing to my problem 

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