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Disconnected from server error (1000)(132,10060)


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So I was having problems with this game from the start. But over the past two days it has actually let me play. But now whenever I try to connect to a game it disconnects me from the game with the (1000)(132, 10060) error code. Anyone know what this is? Or what would be causing it? Like I said I was able to play for a little over two days perfectly fine. But now it just teases me by letting me enter my pin and get to the character select screen, only to disconnect.

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Having exact same problem. Funny thing is, this happened when I tried to play Guild Wars 2. Could log in, couldn't get through character creation because I would be disconnected. Now I can put in my 6 digit pin and nothing else happens. If I can't get through to support I'm not playing any NCSoft games ever again because they don't work.

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2 hours ago, Gametap said:

I use AVG. But it has never interfered before. No notifications or anything. Would it be background services?

AVG Does have a background service working, i wouldn't recommend it to any of my customers as a game developers.
Some of the other options for anti viruses that you could consider are:
ESET Nod32
F-Secure Freedome
And if you wanna be clean from everything you could also use one of the antivirus listed above + Malware Bytes :)

I would also like to recommend to uninstall the game, uninstall avg, turn off whatever antivirus/windows defender/firewall you got, and try to install the game and run it again, if this works, it means that one of those stuff was blocking your connection or a file that connects you to the game.
Have fun.

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