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Bugs are fun


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I'm posting this while waiting for the queue, which takes about 1 hour now. I usually don't post unless it's something I can't take anymore.
So I'm waiting for an 1 hour queue, right? Nothing to complain about, I didn't pay for the game, which is very great by the way. The thing is, I'm waiting for this queue not because I just logged in, but because of constant crashing. It is really fun to just brace myself every time a loading screen happens because of some stupid bugs that make me disconnect from the server. Every time I go through a loading screen, there is a chance I get booted out of the game, then I have to wait 2 minutes for the game to launch and ~ 30 mins for me to actually get to play, only to crash and retry.

Sometimes the game even crashes by itself when I alt tab out of it, and then it's back to waiting again.

I am sure I am not the only one who has this problem, but I know nobody will give a damn about it. And the thing is, it's even worse for people that actually paid for the game. Not only that, but there are some HARDCORE bugs out there that do much worse than just disconnect you from the game.


This is just frustrating and not fair at all. The fact that after so many days, even counting the betas, this stuff is still NOT solved, says the most about who actually manages this game. It's a sad thing that the game is so good, but I suppose it makes a fine bait for people to buy it, to pay for nothing. I wouldn't have even bothered to write this if the queue didn't give me more than enough time to do so.


TL;DR: Disconnecting periodically is not fun. Having no real fix to it isn't fun either.

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