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Name change service bug


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So apparently if a character is renamed instead of deleted that name becomes unavailable. Making it impossible for a person who wanted to rename one character to free the name up for a new character of theirs. Deleting the renamed character also does not work.


I've submitted a ticket as well with specifics in hopes that I can be helped with this problem, but felt it should be reported here too and to let people know in case they consider
doing this.


In contrast deleting a character frees up the name they are currently using.

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-Taken from another post



Aldrin (Blade and Soul)
Jan 23, 02:07


Sorry for the inconvenience that had caused you. Unfortunately, the name you have changed is locked due to the Name Change Voucher. At this time, the lockout is for 1 year. No one will have access to that name, including your account.

As of now, the Support Team cannot override this lock. However, we are working to resolve this.
Once we come up with a solution, we'll contact you with more information.

Thank you for your understanding and patience, in this matter.

NCSOFT Support Team"


This is all the info I could find on it, hoping something is done quickly but who knows... I would have never purchased 2 vouchers to change names had I known this.

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