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Arena Countdown Stuck at Zero


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When I start looking for match in arena lobby be it 1v1 or 3v3, every so often I will encounter a bug where the countdown gets stuck when it reaches zero.


You don't get loaded in to the match. You don't get to queue for another match. You have a grayed out "Exit Arena Lobby" button when you hit escape. Only the chat works for the person plagued by this bug.


At the moment, the ONLY OPTION WE HAVE IS TO QUIT THE GAME AND RESTART THE ENTIRE CLIENT. Meaning getting stuck in a queue to log onto your server in most cases. I find this unnacceptable. If you are not going to have a placeholder for someone to get back in to the game if they log back in within a certain time frame (not very long obviously) then you guys seriously need to address this.


Maybe make it so we can leave and re enter the arena lobby. Maybe even let us just be able to try and find another match. ANYTHING, besides having to close the game and enter the queue to log in to your server. I love this game but I seriously can't see myself playing it long term like I'd planned to if I am just going to have to sit in queues half the time I have set aside to play this game. 

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Would really love to see a fix for something I see others complaining about every day. I keep having to tell people that they need to close the game and restart the client completely so I know it's not just the two of us in this thread.


Please guys give this issue some kind of a fix in a future update! I'm begging you! 

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So this bug was one year ago, it seems it`s back, timer stops at 0, all you can do it exit the game and re`enter. I mean actually exit the game, close it directly and re open it.

Anything I can do to prevent this ? Or at least if you are ready implement a option where you can unready yourself.

A good example would be when you lfp and the appointed leader is afk or not responding or English is not his main language, and I wanna get out of that lfp, I can`t until he stops the lfp. Can we have a option where we can exit by ourselfs ?




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