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issues with my laptop running this game


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 I've been playing since the 19th and have been experiencing severe graphical issues on a laptop that should theoretically be able to handle this game on max settings with at least 40-60 fps consistently. 

I'm running a Lenovo Y700-15ACZ

Processor: AMD FX-8800P / 2.1 GHz

Hardrive: 1TB


Graphics Card: Radeon R9 M385X

OS: Windows 10

All drivers updated to the most recent.

The game will run poorly regardless of graphical setting, though I am keeping it at its native resolution of 1920x1080. 

5: 15-30 fps, sometimes going up to 40-50 but dropping down immediately back to 15-30.

4: same as above

3: same as above

2: more consistency around the 30 fps mark, but same as above

1: no point in even saying this since it's ugly af, but just a consistent 30 fps with occasional jumps to 40-50, and very infrequent stuttering to 15-10 fps.

Temperature does not top 45c when playing, regardless of graphical setting, and all of my AMD Catalyst settings are set to optimal performance (worst graphical options, best performance options), or entirely off and application based. I can provide screenshots for those interested, but for now here is the monitor I use ingame: http://prntscr.com/9tuqqy

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I should state I also experience something similar in FFXIV, and Dark Souls 1 and 2, but it seems as if it is just typical stuttering rather than anything else and both tend to even out at lower graphical settings.  I should also state that I always have my laptop running on High performance, with processor set to run at 100%, ATI Graphics Power Settings to Maximize performance, as well as Switchable Dynamic Graphics set to maximize performance. 

any help with troubleshooting the problem would be greatly appreciated. I don't know much about pc gaming other than I spent a buttload of cash on a laptop that is advertised and expected to play games such as this on at the very least, Mid settings, and I can't get that out of it with this game  when I should be.

Edit: I should also clarify, I do get stuttering issues as well every 5-15 seconds so comboing is nearly impossible to consistently pull off.

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