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I have a Suggestion(?)


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Not sure where this would go, but I need to get it off of my chest.


I understand that there's going to be server issues- I've come to expect that with hyped launches.  But, honestly... why does it need to shut the entire game down?  When  I disconnect, the entire game closes. Every single time.  If I boot it all up again only to find that I'm still technically logged in, it shuts the whole game down again.  I've officially spent more time booting the game up than I've spent actually playing.


If I can just make one suggestion, it would be to please revamp the log-in system.  Instead of logging into the launcher, why can't we log in once the game is opened?  If and when we disconnect, we'll be booted to a log-in screen instead of having to spend five minutes going through the motions again.



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