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DSL/Cable box refresh procedure


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DSL/Cable box refresh procedure(won't take longer than 10 minutes total)
If you think your connection could be much better than that(past performance with the same variables seemed quicker) you may want to perform a reboot of your dsl/cable router/modem, aka Bleeding a Router.
DO NOT HOLD the RESET pin(recessed pen-width button) for any amount of time, THAT WILL RESET THE DEVICE TO FACTORY defaults.
This is a technique that will get your routing tables cleaned up at the phone company central office in town(DSLAM) or your cable companies equipment on the other end of the line form you.
Close all running programs on your pc, but leave pc(mac which ever) on.
Locate your Internet service device(cable or dsl box), not the switch or secondary router for your system.
Disconnect the PHONE line(or coax cable if Cable) from your dsl/cable modem.
Wait 1 minute.
Disconnect your Network cable from the dsl/cable modem that leads to your pc.
Shut down your pc/mac.
Now turn off the power from your dsl/cable modem/router.
Wait 5 minutes.
Your internet service provider now knows you have a connection issue, this is what you wanted to trigger.
Plug in the network cable to the dsl/cable modem/router, next plug in the phone cable/coax cable.
Turn on the power to the dsl/cable modem/router.
It will go through a number of routines. usually shown by lighting sequences(no light, light, flashing, steady etc).
Turn on your pc/mac.
Over time the phone company DSLAM(the mega device holding dozens and dozens of dsl blades that are the other end of your connected dsl modem at home(There are similar devices at the cable company)) will build up some information about your connection. Resetting the link clears up all sorts of garbage from your isp about your connection, and creates a brand new entry.
This will not reset your passwords, and configuration for your network at home.
Many times this will show an increased performance in your connection.


----- Corrections, additions welcome-----


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