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(I was not able to ask for help with this when i actually needed it, but i feel like maybe other people went through the same thing)

Like many others, i bought a founders pack and played every beta because i was excited about this game finally coming to NA. Soon, it was time for the name reservation period right before head start. I was excited that i would be able to secure myself a badass character name or two for my Blade and Soul adventures; hell, i even compiled a list of names i was going to try to reserve . However, luck was not on my side that day. I went to update my client at 4pm the day of name reservation (knowing that it didn't start til 6pm, i wanted to be ready to go when the time came), and my client was unable to update due to some error i haven't encountered before. I tried searching the error on Google but sure enough most links that appeared to be able to help me were from the BnS forums..... which were down for those few days before head start. So, i used my past MMO experiences, and decided to delete and re-download the client. That was going well (the installation was halfway done by 5pm) until my wifi "hit a snag", and the installation completion time was pushed later and later. At this point i was furious because it was 6:15pm and i was nowhere close to being able to log in. Now it was 7:30pm, and i was just logging in. Went to character creation, skipped the body/face editing, and rushed to enter my character names.... just about every last name i had wanted, except one, was taken (15/16 of them).


That s*** hurt my soul. Kinda like when you use a public restroom, toilet-paper the seat, sit down, and you still feel something wet touch your butt. I felt defeated. Obviously, there's nothing i can do now to get the names i wanted, but i just thought i'd share ;_;

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