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post server addition (2000,132 10054)


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Hi long story short I was about to complete a dungeon when my game completely froze. I waited a good half hour before doing anything but the game was still frozen. I couldn't close the game since I was still inside a dungeon and so I restarted my computer. I tried logging in again but after I typed in my PIN code the error (2000,132 10054) showed up. I then asked my friend to get on to check if the servers were down but he didn't have any issues. He also said that my character was still logged on and in game. So I'm guessing that because of the unconventional game exit my character wasn't logged out and BnS thinks I'm another person trying to get onto my account or that I'm trying to login from 2 different locations.

Is there a way to force my character out of game without deleting my account or anything like that as I have already spent money in this game?

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