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Hello World, Hello Mods, Im Bxtterfxy from Jiwan. For the start i want you to excuse my bad english im not  a fluent speaking english person!


I want to give the blade and soul Team an Idea i had that will be really nice for both parts!

Since so much people are mad about brazilians, every day and all the day only attacking brazilians in Chat and while brazilians attack them back and we

only got stress and fights in the Game chat, Blade and Soul could open up a Brazilian Server? Also would it be a nice idea cause we got ALOT of Brazilians playing this game.

So you would make alot of brs happy giving them a chance to play this game with a low PING! I think brazil is slowly getting in to the Game world, and Games should start open

brazilian Servers! Since the game is very NEW it would give the chance to peoples switch to the server and start over again. Know while im typing this i rememberd there is the 

Cross server dungeons system and arena! This would be a complication but we could make 2 Br Servers and combine them! I think 2 Servers are fine. Well it would be really amazing!

and if you guys can't do it now, think about it for later in the days ! Would be VERY amazing! and alot of happy peoples in Brazil.


Thank you, Bxtters! 

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I agree this should be a thing. I have nothing against Brazilians personally and I don't think many do. They are mainly frustrated because the majority of them that are playing do not speak English at all. Any time people are playing on a server based in a location where the primary language is English and people are speaking another language it tends to annoy them. I actually transferred off Jiwan because I saw this becoming an issue and a lot of people left the server once they found out that the BR community had chosen it.

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I am not a Brazilian and I approve of this message. Cultural diversity is good and all but the language barrier in hampers the mmo aspect of the game.

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