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[HELP]Installer doesn't install NC Launcher


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As the title says, after I click the shortcut on the desktop after installation it says file not found (kind of). I checked the Program Files/Program Files (x86) folder as well as the game folder and couldn't find anything related to the NC Launcher.

Note: I've reinstalled it multiple times but it's still the same.

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5 minutes ago, Sirehii said:

could you take a screenshot of your C:\Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher folder?

It's the problem @@ the installer didn't even create the NCWest folder in Program Files (x86)

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I see
I have uploaded my NCWest folder so you can download it.
But in case you don't trust to download it, I suggest trying to reinstall the game.
[moderated content due to real life information]

Place the folder in the link in your Program Files (x86) folder and try clicking the shortcut again. Tell me if you find any other issues!

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Sirehii thanks for this *.rar file. It helped me get the game up and running. But you might wanna consider reuploading the launcher without the "Remember Me"-Checkbox active as everyone downloading the files can see your login emailadress. [moderated content]

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