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HOW TO FIX 0/85 bytes STUCK at launcher (Temporary FIX before NCsoft san Fixing it)


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I'm sure everyone must be having this problem ^^, well it happens to me too, but some how i got it fixed




Okay First thing first ^^, before you start you NCsoft launcher and play your Awesome Blade n soul game, please make sure you go to the 


PROGRAM FILE>NCsoft>BnS>Bin and find local.ini (Right click > Properties> Mark it as Read only (Apply and OK) ^^




After you have done all these, go and start your launcher, Login and play, but wait the problem is still there (Mimiji you liar) still stuck at 0/85 bytes


Don't worry if it happens, just close the launcher and reopen it again ^^ and now you just fixed your Repairing stuck problem and enjoy the game !! sorry for bad English ^^



ALSO you have to Follow these Step again, and again and again whenever you got that 0/85bytes on repairing !! Make sure local.ini is set as Read only, before start the launcher ^^

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Interesting launcher you have there.  All of my launcher pages (4 of them) still talk about the CBT.  It never updated.  My friend has a similar launcher issue, but it only gives 2 pages...and both talk about the CBT.
Oh well, at least it doesn't make it so we can't play the game.

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