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Oceanic players unite!

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I'm Australian and I play a force master, I'm finding that the lag caused by the game's server distance has a huge impact on my ability to cast spells in the correct order, or even at all. Sometimes I

Just found this shortly after looking at that petition. This actually makes me pretty sad.

Watch how the Americans will come in here and try and tell you its not feasible yet companies have been opening up servers here for the past 7 years or so now, some with success, some not so successfu

I read somewhere (I think in one of the FAQs) that they have no plans to have an Aussie server.


I think it would be a good move to get us off the NA and EU servers, for them and for us., but NCSoft has a history of not listening to their customer base. I'll sign the petition, but I won't hold my breath that it will do any good.

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15 hours ago, Taemek said:


So let me start this off.


That petition has almost 9000 petitions and the game hasn't even been marketed here in any way shape or form nor has it been marketed in any of the surrounding SEA countries.


If you marketed it here and got the word out somehow, that petition would easily hit 50k+ petitions.


This whole attitude, lets wait and see if the game is going to be successful, needs to go, because for the game to be successful here in the OCE demographic portion of the world, it needs to be marketed here otherwise, its just more smoke and mirrors bs.


Again, its 2016, there is simply no excuse to not have an Oceanic server, at least one.

9000... that's way more then enough demand, but then since NCSoft has no idea at all how to properly manage servers and communities I won't be holding my breath

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I would love this. The video on the right shows exactly what I experience on my blade dancer. I can even hear it at the end when the other one has finished, that pacing. It's exactly the same as I've been listening to when I play him.


As it stands I enjoy the PvE aspects of the game, I'm having a fun time, but I'm not going to be spending a lot of money on the game if they're not willing to spend some on us as players. As others have said, if they marketed it here it would be well received. I know I'd personally pay for premium membership in that case, which I certainly won't be doing while I'm playing on US servers. I'm not too hopeful though, I've been playing MMORPGs for almost two decades now, and 9 times out of 10 companies can't be bothered to cater to us, despite the fact that we have vastly more disposable income than the other demographics they target.


I'm not going to sign the petition though. I don't like giving my details out unnecessarily, and I have no hope of it doing any good.

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Just now, Alecazam said:

I'll drop 50 bucks on NCoins if they just give me an Aussie server. I can't spend money on a game I can't even properly play.

I know how you feel, I'd honestly straight-up buy the 1 year membership if this game was playable for me. I already spent $30 in early levels because I didn't realise how bad it was back then, hopefully they'll see there's a demand for the server(s).

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13 hours ago, SaitamaSenseii said:

What server are you in? Have you check the clan recruitment section? I'm pretty you can find at least 1 ~ 2 SEA/OCE clan in most of the NA server.


If you're playing in Poharan, you can try Kamikaze or Unicorn

I'm not sure what you're pointing at, sorry. 

I do see some SEA guilds recruiting in my server (Old Man Cho) but it's not the problem of getting into guilds, it's more of a problem of not being able to play with my current friends from around the world as we join in new games. Note that these friends are the same people I've been playing with in other games. 

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I remember seeing a reply to this subject already, though the OP was asking something slightly different, here's what Omeed said.




12 hours ago, omeed said:

Hi there,


We are considering it, but there are currently no plans for this. To give you some context, we only have the publishing rights for North America and Europe at the moment, so there is a process for us to go through if we did decide on this. 


There are definitely some very passionate players from that area - and we appreciate them - but it's a much larger conversation for the company. 


edit: Oh sorry. Tired and didn't read it correctly. I can ask about this, but my guess is that, at this point, it would just create frustration, since we can't do character transfers for everyone that already picked a server. Also, there wouldn't be any improvement in service between that server and the others, since they'd all be in the same place. 

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14 hours ago, AldenX said:

Give rights to Garena. 

Hell no! The last thing I want to see is Geyrena or Playfark gets the right to publish the game here in SEA. Look at what happened to PSO2. I had to give up on my JP's account for a dead server (look at the channels) and how lame the way they named things. Samurai? It's called Braver for a reason. I can't imagine what name they would come up for Bouncer. And I'm done with idiots who keep calling others nood 24/7. It's funny when they can't even spelled the word noob properly.

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I see a moderator has basically taken multiple threads on the same topic and merged them, could you possibly rename the thread to something like "Oceanic players unite!" since SEA only covers half of the people who'd benefit from what we're trying to achieve.

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Really need OCE servers for this game i mean hell over 9k sigs on that form already, would solve alot of problems and the player base in SEA and OCE is alot larger than is shown on that form, Im sure licencing the game over here wouldn't be to costly at all and would make far more profits, I know a few people who are quiting the game becaus eof the lag which is sad because they really love the game my self included

Im from New Zealand btw 


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