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Oceanic players unite!

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I'm Australian and I play a force master, I'm finding that the lag caused by the game's server distance has a huge impact on my ability to cast spells in the correct order, or even at all. Sometimes I

Just found this shortly after looking at that petition. This actually makes me pretty sad.

Watch how the Americans will come in here and try and tell you its not feasible yet companies have been opening up servers here for the past 7 years or so now, some with success, some not so successfu

Singapore servers actually aren't that expensive either. Oceanic servers that are located in Sydney are a pain, due to how much they cost..

I think if you're in Australia, you get roughly 100 ping connecting to Singapore

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Melbourne, Australia reporting in :P

Would love to see an Oceanic server implemented. Game has some good potential and would love to be able to play fluidly!


Edit: Fellow Aussies come say hi to Kahlan Lox if you're around on Junghado! Pohran queue times OP.

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Please sign the petition on that's been linked on the first page.  Though, NC should be able to tell where people are logging in from and judge the number of players to make an informed decision.


240 - 320 ping is normal for AU connecting to Dallas, however, I'm constantly finding it difficult to dodge on my KFM, have to go QQ (EE) instead of just Q (or E) in PvE. Don't think PvP will be doable.

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