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Enhancement/Add-on Suggestions - OPEN


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Hi guys,


Good day!


It's been days since the official NA & EU launch of B&S and there have been loads of 'bugs' or server issues plaguing the game. Well, this is actually normal given the super loaded servers caused by this game's hype that built-up after years of waiting. It is good that every level there's this in-game SURVEY asking the players of what they think of their experience in playing the game.


Being said, are you filling those forms out like you mean it? Please do. As of now, please make use of this thread to emphasize on some points that we would like the B&S team to add-on/enhance in-game.


Please see my point below:


  • In-game ANNOUNCEMENTS and/or NEWS must be visible in the Game Launcher or even before the log-in PIN appears. Most of the players do not actively/immediately check the forums or B&S Ops Twitter account for any news and stuff that needs immediate attention/announcement to all. This also makes a lot of traffic and posts in the forums as well, and that's not good.


Feel free to reply and suggest some more.


Thank you and have a great day!

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