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Blackram Narrows solo ?

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at level 20, most class only have around 2300 HP, as BM u may have 2500, and if u solo, 100% u will be grapped, well, i know u can dodge that, but i dont think the cooldown of your dodging skill is fast enough, specially at level 20, even a destroyer will take more than 1000 damage, a BM will take a little bit more, so let me comfirm it 1 more time, at level 20, u cant solo blackram narrows -_-

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12 hours ago, 874837_1452550421 said:

hummm I started soloing it at lvl 23 or 24 with my assassin and I could probably have done it at lvl 20. It's pretty easy when you are stealth 24/7 

every single level makes some differences, 3~4 level makes lots of different

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Fraid not. Purple (Heroic) dungeons are designed and balanced around having 6 people (normal) or 4 people (expert). you can solo it later in the game when you seriously out level it, but not before. if you are having trouble getting a group on your server, just press f8 and it will transport you to the cross server dungeon lobby.

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Soloing Blackram Narrows is possible, and I will explain in detail as to why.


The only bad fights are the 1st and last boss fight (first form). The second boss fight with the trio can be brute-forced and the final boss' second form feels supremely easy from the first form just from the sheer fact that his phantom grip no longer does damage to you.


I soloed as a Blade Dancer the entire dungeon as an experiment after understanding each boss' patterns. Granted, I was level 28 during the time, but I decided to solo it with some weak random sword (which happens to be a copper lynblade), no accessories on and limited myself to only having using 6 skill points to help re-enact a lvl 20's stats (or even make my situation worse than a lvl 20 due to lack of bonus stats).


First Boss

First and foremost,

Kill the dogs

Guard dogs summon two blackram soldiers at a time, and will give you hell.


Also be aware that if you're not attacking the boss consistently, he does regain HP. So if your attack is too weak to do enough DPS, then consider evolving your weapon first. So without further ado:


Boss has a four-move pattern and then loops (when up close) -

  1. Quickly goes on your nine and does a circular AoE strike.
  2. Follows up with a huge rectangular AoE
    1. (Warning: Attacking him direclty in front results in a counter, and summons a destroyer NPC and the guard-dog at the front of the entrance)
    2. Killing Blackram Destroyer most (if not, all) of the time drops a bomb.
  3. Does a small strike that's in front of him.
  4. Goes into Counter stance
    1. Attacking him at any time this stance immediately results into a hit-daze, and into a nasty chokehold snap.
  5. Repeats 1-4

If you leave his field of attack at any point, he will jump-stomp to your location, and will exhaust one of the steps above and continue with the pattern as follows.


Third Boss (first form)

I haven't went too in-depth with Gubong's patterns, but if you can beat his first form, then his second form is a cake walk.


In order to win this fight, you need to have one or more of the following (the more skills, the better):

  • Backdash
  • Counter
  • Some form of Barrier skill that resists damage
  • Any form of attack skill that resists damage during your animation

It's possible to beat this boss with just the use of the backdash alone, but make sure you're able to add any points to help reduce the cooldown as much as possible.


As a blade dancer, Vortex Tier 2 Form 3, Guardian Tempest and backdash are your best friends. But the most crucial skill you need of all:




If you can't time your attacks, you're going to eat it super hard.


So, this is what I've noticed with Gubong's pattern:

  1. Does a couple of regular AoE attacks
  2. Gathers Energy
  3. Does 1-3 butt stomps
  4. Chuckles and does the infamous phantom grip
  5. Repeats

#4 is the one you want to watch out for, and where you want to save your backdash and protective skills for this point.

The moment you hear the chuckle, perform your backdash or damage resist move. This will negate his grab, and repeat the process.


Please note that upon first encounter, it is possible for Gubong to immediately going into #4 before doing #2, so be careful of that. After his first phantom grip, the entire pattern falls into place.


If you can get this down, soloing Blackram Narrows is very simple. It just takes practice.


Maybe down the road, I'll upload a video on how to do all of this for those still struggling even after trying this out.

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That topic is quite old already, but does anyone have some tips for this dungeon with a Warlock? I've only found videos against Gubong as early as level 23 but not for the complete dungeon and I have difficulties against the boss + mini boss fights because there's more than one "boss" enemy. I know I could just gain a few more levels for Wingstorm and skill points to compensate my lack of skill...

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Well I been playing this game 5 days. Still pretty lost. Have a destroyer cause apparently its better with high ping than some others (And don't say summoner is) because being a weird big eared demon ain't an option^^. Tried solo this thing since thus far in this community no one seems to want to help much so I've decided to just do everything solo.


Now considering:

  • I was level 22
  • I only have 1 Gem slot open since I cant afford a Gem hammer.
  • Weapon is maxed on level 10 (or whatever it is)? I need a Blight Axe which I cannot get because I cannot solo. Have 3 other Blight weapons already from story and 1 run guy helped me
  • have the Jadestone village soul shield. viridian valour I think, so best I could get I think

When I soloed I failed. Got to Ma Parang after 4 deaths. Got him to around 30% hp but the amount of mobs just out damage me. Eventually just gave up.


So maybe if your a veteran with above normal gear and extra stuff yes it's easy. but not for a first time, 5 day playing player with average stuff.


Now I'm stuck with this weapon until I can solo it. Reached lvl26 now. went through Cinderlands so my other accessories is slightly upgraded. I will get level 28 tonight, get the Cinderlands unsung soul shield I think. 

It should have more hp and defense and then try solo it again. Lets hope for the best. Cause the amount of weapons i had to discard for bag space could've leveled up my weapon nicely :/  Still so funny all the people around me at my levels have their weapons opened passed the first max point so not sure why I'm stuck alone.


Anyway I WILL SOLO it and succeed :)

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On 1/23/2016 at 2:57 AM, KuroKuroNeko said:

there is no class that can solo Blackram Narrows before level 30


i solo'd narrows at lvl 22 back in january, matter of fact i solo'd everything leading up to the lvl cap at that time (45)

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10 hours ago, Yushashou said:

When I soloed I failed. Got to Ma Parang after 4 deaths. Got him to around 30% hp but the amount of mobs just out damage me. Eventually just gave up.

Is Ma Parang the one with wolves? Kill the wolves first then lead Ma Parang to the main entrance and fight him near the entrance, because new wolves will keep spawning near the entrance. If you don't kill them the wolves will keep summoning mobs and overwhelm you.


The 3 miniboss (1 bm 2 fm) is crazy, those that claim they can solo those three at level 20 please provide some advice. If not, no way I am believing it unless you play a summoner or assassin :P


Edit: didn't realise this is an very old topic :S

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Not sure if it's still possible to reach the Narrows with lvl 20 after the quest exp boost, maybe it's 22 by default now. Anyway assuming you have lvl 22, stage 10 hongmoon weapon with pentagonal amethyst from Master hong bundle, viridian SS, the BM FM fight is definitely not a problem with a KFM.


I would recommend a defensive build and strategy:




Just move close to FMs, use Q/E and counter to avoid damage. The counter will boost your defense and will proc Iron Shoulder to deal huge damage (2k+ crits).

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