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Suggestions for a new player?


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Hello! Since the servers seem to be having issues right now, I figured that I'd just spend a little time here on the forums... 


Does anyone have any valuable advice for a brand new (just started today) player? Are there any crafting items I should collect early on or any items that I shouldn't feel a need to hold onto? Is any one server better than the others (not in terms of population, but overall friendliness/helpfulness)? I'm currently on NA Gunma (chosen at random). Should I join a clan as soon as possible? o: (The server I am on doesn't have it's on clan recruitment thread yet (I don't think), so I don't know what I should do for that atm...)

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Avoid using windstride (Fast travel) because it's relatively expensive compared to your income. Seems like you can switch your skills at will press "k" for the skills menu and press the thumbs up icon on the top right to select recommend skills for "PVP, PVE, Dungeon" or simply experiment to see what skills fit your play style.
Sell some items on the marketplace (your allowed 10 sales a day [Non premium]).

Once you find the professions NPC; during the tutorial they tell you what each profession compliment each other, stick with those.

Once your weapon reaches "Max" you can still upgrade it, this wasn't really apparent for me. Put it in the evolve box and mouse over the grey box below it and it tells you what you need and where to get it.


Good luck.

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Always upgrade your wep its key to most of the game. Do all main quest and side quest and if you dont want to run around all day skip most of the desert quest tell you reach your spinning wheel. There you will do the main and side quest. and continue doing side quest and main quest from there.



(low lvl tip. gives 1xp a quest)

The guild/crafting where you pick your profession join and do the quest and leave. Repeat for any other ones in the area.  


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