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BnS - Blue Screen after Launch (Solved and Fix)


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My Desktop conf:

OS: MS Win 7 Ultimate 64
GPU: GeForce GTX 970 Gigabyte G1
CPU: AMD FX 9370
Mem: 16gb ddr3
SSD: 250gb (primary, where the game is installed)
Reso: 3840x2160, 30Hz
Using Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

I've been playing from free start 19/01 with no critical issues until night of 22/1 - NCSoft BnS server Yehara
Current problem, I start the Launcher, Password - OK, Verification Email - OK, Update - OK, Game Guard - OK, Loading Dragon Screen appears and after a little time crash, blue screen from windows (SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION).

Things I have done so far to try fixing it:

1- Paused Protection Kaspersky

2- Put launcher and client .exe files to run as admin


3- Put launcher and client .exe files to run as Comp. win XP sp3

4- Deleted Config files at doc\bns\config and file check

5- Disabled Razer apps

6- Used the built-in Event Viewer // Manager of Windows to identify the cause of errors:(Found only a DNS error 1012) tried this solution:


7- Reinstalled the NCSoft Launcher


8- Used Windows Memory Diagnostic - No problems found


After I had started writing this Topic and before the unistall, the last solution that I was trying, that I had read on topics was about deleting the bin folder and it actually worked, before I had the chance to post this.



Go to  C:\Programs (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS and DELETE bin folder and .ini files. After that start the launcher and check files. It should be fixed.


If it doesnt work after this, it could be that one of the past things I have done helped with the fix (less the first item, kaspersky is working), hope it work for you guys.

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Glad you got it ^^


I accidentally posted on the wrong forum xd The bluescreen I got was different (Critical_process_died)


If anyone is looking for a fix for that, uninstall your AsMedia SATA driver from Control Center (solution not found by me)


Have a nice day!

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