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Weapon evolution


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Hello everyone.

I have a question. I got weapon for evolution my main sword, but description showed it's evolution material(like main), but it can't be upgraded. Is it intended or bug? Cuz previously, i sacrifice a sword with description 'breakthrogh material'. Should be sacrificed sword be upgraded to get perfect evolution?

pic related


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i know, but that sacrificed weapon. Should i evolve it too, to get perfect evolution? Cuz i played different version, and there was different evolution system, which required upgraded sacrificed weapon.


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for both breakthroughs and evolutions you need

- a proper dropped weapon (sword/staff/blade/etc) or jewellery for neck/earing/ring

- special ingredient


i guess at 1st breakthrough you didn't even notice it, because you have got it (a green bottle) from one of the quest.

same goes here - you will get it by doing quests/dailies/killing bosses.


also non-english, but helping graphic:


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