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Costs of items and repair


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For me is a bug, new players who used all repair tools and dont have money for repair from npc can only uninstal game.


1. Repair tools costs 6 silver, he have only cooper.

2. NPC repai costs cooper, later silver for repair. I have 22 level and 5 silvers, and npc says "you dont have that much money". This is sick.

3. If you say get money from auction, sure is a limit you can use on auction to sell items. 

4. You cant help friend becouse mail system dont work. Buy nccoins to use mail. Stupid and only NCSOFT can do that. 


I played russian, korean servers. Only NCSOFT disappoint me in EU server. Bussines model only money and money. this is not F2P, only Demo to play. I you say "You dont like it dont play", i was waiting for that game 5 years and from beta. Dont say you are not disappointed what is going on here. 

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