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Vs Blade Dancer


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I'm going to try and get passed my mild annoyance and ask what do you do against a BD spamming that spinning (Parry I think?) move.
As an assassin I've tried stunning, guard break, knock-up, ect. yet I keep getting beat out.

Can someone explain what the move does / reads and what the heck you're supposed to do against it.

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Hi there, I'm an assassin too. Generally you'll want to wait and time your openers between those spins. If they have a high amount of chi, it's very unlikely you'll pull an lmb stun off so get that thought out of your mind.


From stealth, you can wait for 1.5~ seconds and open with a 3, it'll stun. If they're not facing you, you can restealth with a 1 and if not just blow your tab for an easy stealth. Don't rmb+f combo because they have a way out 90% of the time. Immediately lbm stun for an air combo and wait out the full 4 second web. Bomb it and 1 for a restealth, and from there it's rinse repeat. Watch/wait for cooldowns and use your escapes properly. These aren't the only things you need to know, but it's the basics. 


Always put your stealth x on them before you open. If the above opener fails (and you're talented into it) you can shadowstep for a daze and air combo anyways. It's all cut and run against melee as a sin. 


If you have any more questions, I'd be glad to answer them.

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