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Blackscreened after skipping Namsoyoo cutscene at Dochun's house.


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Edit: Just read the Known Issues thread from the other forum... that ought to be moved here. This thread can be deleted.



I both ended the process and stopped the "Razer Game Scanner Service".


The game still seems to randomly close to desktop sometimes.


Additionally, the final cutscene in the tutorial seems to close the game to desktop as well.


The first time I completed the tutorial this happened. I decided to remake my character for looks and the second time it crashed.


I restarted again to hop servers for a friend. Before doing so, I read about the Razer Synapse crash and stopped the Razer Game Scanner Service (the one mentioned in the bugfix thread wasn't there). But I still crashed after watching the cutscene.


By spamming the attack key I can hear my character's attack voice lines.


The music isn't playing though.


Time to close and wait forever to get into queue again.

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