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Installer not executing...?


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Problem : My installer won't execute, i cant even patch the 8gb files, when i double click the icon on my desktop, nothing happens. I went to task manager and it shows "NCLauncher" Running

but totally nothing came out, please assist thanks,i'm new and just downloaded BnS .


1) i already tried downloading from these 2 links, http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/download/ and even http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/launch-guide/ both won't work.
2) i already download NCLauncher from http://launcher.patcher.ncsoft.com/NC-Launcher/NC-LauncherSetup.exe 

3)so i went to files >NCSoft>BnS>bin and clicked client, it patch for a moment and then it says "Please launch the game through game launcher(3002)" problem is

i cant even initiate the installer...? Double clicked on my desktop logo and nth happens.

4) Yes i even tried putting them together in files, NCWest, NCSoft doesnt work, even tried deleting NCWest folder, doesn't work too.
5)I did research around the forums and most of them can launch the installer even if they have the same error (3002), mine can't even.


Please do assist thanks, any form of help would be appreciated :) .

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I have the same issue.


Double click on desktop launcher and nothing happens.

Clicked client from folder and got the same prompt - Please launch the game through game launcher (3002). 


Tried all the steps mentioned too, nothing works =/

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Same problem here.

The very first time i tried to install this game the download started untill it blocked because an error in downloading a file. i reset launcher and pc and tried to download again but now i can't even start the download cuz of that error.

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