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More Servers On The Way


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We’re continuing to see an amazing response to Blade & Soul, and we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has already taken the time to download and play.


When we launched the game just three days ago, we had 22 servers across North America and Europe. With an overwhelming initial demand, we immediately set to work on making changes to reduce queue times, increase server capacity, and begin preparing the reserve hardware we had to launch new servers. Yesterday we were able to launch 6 new servers across North American and Europe, and a huge number of players took to the new servers to make them their new homes.


While we’ve seen player population spread out among the new servers, and notable reductions in queue times since then, the new servers are already full (or close to it), and queues are already appearing on them. As we head into this first weekend after release, we expect to see queues grow, and demand on the game to continue. We’re in the final stages of readying our final reserve hardware and will be ready to deploy four new servers in response to demand.


The below servers will raise our server count to 32 across North America and Europe.


North America:


Twin Wagons
Spirit’s Rest


While these four new servers mark the last of our reserve hardware, we already have new hardware incoming even though delivery and configuration process is still expected to take time.


We want to again thank everyone for their passion for Blade & Soul. We appreciate your patience as we work to ensure a fun and stable gaming experience.


Team Blade & Soul

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