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summoner tips


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ok im a summoner, and its annoying me how everyone is like OMG THEYRE OP" stop, no. were not.

ok ive dueled alot of ppl and noticed some did beter than others. some actually know what theyre doing. what you must do is, only focus on cat if u know you WILL kill it really fast. if it takes u 30 sec oto kill it, by time the 30 sec are gone, u will be at 10% hp and i will be untouched bcuz u spent all the time killing cat. if you find urself killing the cat pretty fast, then go ahead, and use your HEAVY HEAVY burst on it to get it down fast. the fatser you kill the cat, the less damge i and the cat wll do to you while you kill it. once u kill cat, cc the shit outta me, i find bd and bm hard bczuz of the cc.  hit the cat for maybe the first 5-10 seconds, and if its dying slow, go for me and then burst me down and maybe cc the cat a little (  risk ). the cat can get out of knockback though. just rememebr that most of our dmg comes fromt the cat. so if u cc that it would be great.


also, that white circle, it heals us, so dont let us get in. i think sins can stealth out of the roots. and rememebr we have stealth too, if we stealth, we have no stealth stuns, so the best thing to do is attack cat while looking out for me. the little spikes int he ground is a dmg over time too.


really the most important thing, is to know wether if you can kil the cat or i faster. we have about the same health, so if it takes you 30 seconds to kill cat, you coulve went for me and tooken a little bit more  damage and kill me in 40 seconds. killing the cat first makes the fight easier, but if you cant kill it, then dont. if you can you could heay burst it while keepping me cc'ed. then.


lasty, the cry. when we start crying, our cat is reviving. if our ctas dead, and we stea;th and root you. chances are we might cry.


(newbane, hajoon server, beat a lvl 45 at lvl 16. get on my level lol)


tell me if this worked, it just some things ive evperiened

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LOl. I play assassin and you guys are really, really, REALLY FREAKING HARD TO GET. 
I don't know if summoners are just that good vs Assassins but I can't get a hold of you guys (in arena) Surprising you in Open world, totally different matter! If I'm able to ambush a summoner I might win. 

Most of the time what happens is I land an aerial combo and I realize I got the cat and not the Player. FFFFFFFFFFF

Thanks for tips tho.

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yeah , its all pretty much self explained anyways. buut as it is some people are still too dumb and decides to play tag with the cat (oh the times i've seen a KFM try to wrestle with the cat as im pretty much allowed to free, standstill nuke the opponent.


and i did hear that summoner is sort of counter for sins, unless you know 100% of the time what your doing. such as keep the range when you see the circle pop, cc the cat (bad summoners dont have any cc break traited for the cat, and i recall sins had a long one? 30sec or something ) and then nuke the summoner.

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