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Problem with abilities


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Hey there

I'm having issues with my abilities, say I hit an ability it takes a good 1-3 seconds after I click the button for my abilities to actually attack. when I use sprint it is instant. I mainly play wow and on wow I have no problems with latency. my desk top is hardwired and on wow I get about 70 ms. no lag no problems on WoW. I really like this game its just I cant really get into it without getting pissed off. is there something I can do to help me out with this? I tried pretty much every server including the new N/A servers that came up today. my friends also play and they have none of these problems. somebody please help me. also I have nothing running besides TS3 running and I tried playing without ts3 up and its the same. all my drivers are up to date and my computer is a high end computer. someone please help me

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