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NCoin Purchasing Problem


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I'm trying to purchase NCoins since yesterday morning but I'm having errors with all payment options.


When I try to pay with PayPal:

Something went wrong on our end.

Pleas try again in a few minutes. (5300)


When I try to pay directly with credit card:

Payment Authorization Failed


When I try in-game shop:

Credit card payment has failed.


I'm sure that there's nothing wrong with my credit card since I use it online very often.

I also opened a ticket about it but still didnt get an answer.

Any suggestions?


Thanks for answers in advance.


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Yeah, I myself am getting very annoyed. This is my first weekend I actually get to take a break from work and this is the first time i've experienced the 90 minute wait to log in. I'd love to just be a premium member to avoid all of that so I can enjoy myself. I tried Google Chrome: Paypal is broken, credit card option says it failed. Internet Explorer: Paypal worked fine but was prompted with "there is a problem on our end" type of answer, I have yet to try the credit card option with Internet Explorer. I'll try it now.


Edit: Just tried to use credit card option on IE and it failed. Just tried to use Chrome on my iPhone 6 and it couldn't even load the ncsoft coins webpage. Tried Safari on iPhone 6 and I got the error "something went wrong on our end". This is wild. My queue time is now over two hours. Great job!

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I'm having the same issue. Regardless of method of payment or browser being used.


I'd think that if you wanted to make the game successful it shouldn't operate like every other Non-Western MMO in the billing department. 


I'd also think that you want to get as many paying members as fast as possible. I submitted a ticket, but judging by what else is said on the internet it doesn't seem that there will be a response anytime soon.

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This is the answer I ge for my ticket:


To protect our customers and their billing information, we have implemented a Payment Risk Management system to detect possible unauthorized transactions or account use. After reviewing your purchase attempts, I see that they are being flagged by the Risk Management system. This means that something about your purchase attempt is being perceived as high risk by our system.

After manually reviewing your purchase attempts, I see that they are displaying characteristics that are commonly found to be associated with high risk transactions. For that reason, your purchase attempts have been determined to be high risk by our system and you will be unable to complete your purchase at this time.

The only suggestion we may offer at this time is for you to attempt your purchase at a later date.


So basicly he's saying that I should try again later without proper explanation.

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I have the same problem, tried with:


Windows 10 - Chrome, FireFox. MS Edge

Mac OSX Yosemite - Chrome, FireFox, Safari


"Something went wrong on our end. Please try again in a few minutes. (5300)"


...all failing, opened a ticket with the support. They first said to change my browser and/or machine and try again, I tried problem not solved. Then they again replied to say my locations are not matching my billing locations which untrue. I was trying from home which is also my billing address... Still waiting for the response.


Never had any problems before with any other games or online purchases before. Thinking about buying from amazon now as NCSoft's system is really seems to be broken...


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Ok, so I'm not alone...


Tried getting some NCoins on in-game store with CC, didn't have to put in any info since it had saved my CC info from purchase week ago... Got the message "Payment failed", but then also got an a-mail saying it can take up to 12h... Isn't that supposed to only happen on first purchase?


Anyway, sent in a ticket an hour ago, "patiently" waiting response, do feel it's hurting the game a lot if there's this many issues with payments...


/edit: Ok, got a reply from support reasonably fast after I posted this saying: "Due to increased sales volume from recent promotions, you may experience a delay of up to 12 hours before your order is completed and your NCoin is delivered." And just a few minutes ago, my NCoins did arrive, guess nothing was wrong, just kinda slow, still, not optimal that it would say "Payment failed" if it actually just got delayed, good thing I just waited it out instead of trying to pay more than once...

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