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Out Of Combat Timer Very Inconsistent


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I've noticed and this really absolutely irritates me to no end, but the out of combat timer is extreme inconsistent. For those who don't quite understand.. After defeating a mob/enemy, your character has to wait a bit to sheathe his/her weapon, when this happens you're character is considered out of combat. The problem is sometimes you stay in combat for a very long time although you have defeated the monster. As a result the leveling becomes slower because you cannot sprint while in combat.


I'm not sure if this was intended but I had walk from Sandstone Refuge to Yahara's Mirage because my Destroyer would not sheathe her weapon after I defeated a mob. I paid for premium membership but I don't even get to enjoy the benefits of the cool sprinting effects because of this issue.


I believe the formula for the out of combat timer is broken/flawed, definitely needs to be looked at again. 

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