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Adding character slot, in character lobby..BUG??


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Well i bought 3 character slot's, so i could go from 2 to 5 character's because 2 is to little. Well add my first char slot and it worked perfectly. But was going to add my next and error while loading and could not finished. So now i can see i have 2 remaining add char slot, but can't access them..... 
Anyone else got a problem with adding char slot, got any tips to correct it?? 
Well haven't tried anything myself yet, kinda just hoping it would fixes it self. Well now it has been 3 days and still nothing....

*have tried to reinstall the game, and still can't access my additional char slot.

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On 2/17/2016 at 0:59 PM, AlphaKat said:

Having this issue since January 24, still waiting for it to be fixed and all I'm getting on my ticket is it's being looked at.. Over three weeks waiting for paid services to work.

They're looking at it. Just not doing anything about it.

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