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Poharan Quest


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So i've been waiting 4 days for customer support to fix it 

Poharan quest never popped up for me missing.

Cant do anything end game for 5 days starting on monday.


Can someone respond and do something...please...

My game has been bugged longer than i've been able to play...



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Before i get useless information

1) Yes i know u get the quest after the act 3 mission im on act 4 1st mission silverfrost


2) Yes i know im suppost to get the quest pop up never did


3) Yes I have a lvl 43 and lvl 45 weapon from soloing cause i can't do any dungeons in cross dungeon because of the quest 


4) No, going to where the act 3 mission was doesnt work


5) No, Relogging doesn't work


6) No the quest never showed up




7) No dokumo weapon doesnt work.


Thanks again


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