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Running BnS on Server with multiple VM's.


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I was wondering how feasible this would be, I have dual Xeon 6 core haswell CPU's @ 1.6 GHz so a total of 12 CPU cores. 


I am wanting to have 4 users playing at the same time on this server using 4 windows VM's. 


I have 4 Quadro K2200's(technically a 750 Ti) in the server as well for vDGA passthrough to the VMs for graphical use. 


I was thinking two cores per user with one K2200 per user. This would also be using the PCoIP protocol. Server has multiple 256 gb SSDs. 


Any input? ill report back if I get it working. This is mainly for myself and my friends use while at work since we cant install the actual game at work + ports are blocked. 


Otherwise ill just throw a teradici PCoiP host card in my main 980ti rig. 

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