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Repetitve Crashes During Loading Screen


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I've been playing BnS for probably about 4 days or so now, and ever since the tutorial, whenever there is a loading screen of any kind, going anywhere, the window always goes non-responsive.  Whenever it does, about 70% of the time, the game will crash.  It is very frustrating.  Whenever I windwalk, enter a dungeon, anything that requires a load screen to an area, I cross my fingers the game won't crash.  I have read other posts about issues like this, and have done the steps to limit the processes running when my computer first turns on, and that did nothing.  Whenever I get in game, my internet connection is fine, everything else is fine, but whenever there is a load screen, I'm praying it doesn't crash.  Even if it doesn't crash, I still have to wait several more seconds, even minutes, for the window to stop being non-responsive.  Any insight at all would be much appreciated.

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