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Catgravy, creating game it's not just to make money, it's something i think u still didn't understand, sometimes u can paint a house for free to make a "good action" wich can help u to go in paradise, in the video games u will not go in paradise (i dunno) but it help to make advertises attract the "real pro gamers", u can see WoW it worked for a time ohh ppl pay to play, but now they are loosing ppl, they tried to attract ppl to make a free access but it was late, i dunno if u  understand my english it's my 3rd language, but i wanna tell you that to make money you need to attract ppl, they pay or not, for exemple if they don't pay but you are the first game played in the world u can make advertise or u can find some ways like Steam do in dota... creat a game and pay to play  to make money is old idea wich failed with world of warcraft... the games are in evolution, the pay to play is too old.

dota make 40Millions $ just with the compendium ppl pay 10$ one time in the year, the ideas to make money when u have the ppl are very simple, but when u don't have the ppl when u dont' have the good gamers u are wasting ur time it's a dead game 

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Sorry to bug in, but your own website states that      but you can't send mail even to alts. If it's intended, then you should probably correct that page.

Doesn't matter the amount that they ask for, a paywall by definition is unlocking an option that is otherwise inaccessible by paying real money.

Even .01 is still a paywall...

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