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Error (1000)(132,1054)


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Everytime I login I recieve this. (1000)(132,10054).

Steps to solve (not working)
1. re-installed game and client.
2. Inbound Firewall rules for blade and soul
3. Leatrix Latency Fix
4. cmmd promt, ipconfig release/renew.
5. DNS flushed/registered.

Nothing worked, anyone with same issue?
Or a gamemaster who can elaborate on how to fix the error.

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I had the same issue, however, i reacently got it to work by just walking close to the portal, then a little box pop up about right under the quest boxes that indicates the zone you are going to. Then i just waited a little while and suddenly it worked! (Could be just luck or could be that i did something i don't remember :/)

( I also disabled the "subtitle options" and "3D monitor support" in the graphics options, don't know if that makes any difference but still...)


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8 minutes ago, Awwsassin said:

same issue sadly I never see anyone on this forum from game to actually help with peoples bug issues without submitting a ticket and that even seems iffy e.e

I finally said screw it, made a ticket, sent in my dxdiag and a log of what was currently running, support had me disable all programs that launch on start up and try to restart and launch again, didn't work. I replied saying that I tried and it didn't work. Haven't gotten any response since then. lol...

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I suppose they will lose a vast amount of playerbase based on this matter. My IRL friend said you need a really heavy connection to pull this off.
Im on a 10/1 Mbit, he is on 300/50mbit, which seems rather odd to me. But yeah, I can login and play from his connection so hey yeah, might be the issue.
Or just vpn issue in the routers, blocked because of NCsoft's shitty Hacker protection program.

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